We want to thank Tony XU for the amazing job that he did in selling our condo. We are extremely happy with the result and at how fast our condo was sold. We thought it would take at least a few weeks before we got a solid offer (based on how long other units in our condo were sitting in the market), but Tony sold our place in less than a week! Tony fought for our interests and helped us to get a very strong offer after hours of back-and-forth negotiations. We are extremely grateful for Tony’s expertise and professionalism. He is also very easy to work with. We really like how Tony is very diligent and hard-working and just made the entire sales process seem so smooth and simple. If we ever need to buy or sell again, we will definitely sign with Tony.

Jennifer & Bernard




We are so happy that we chose Tony XU to represent us in selling our house in the Bridal Path neighbourhood. He really gave us an unexpected surprise. Our house was listed at $1,890,000 and he sold it in 8 days with 16% over the asking price. We were very impressed with this result and would love to pass along our appreciation for the great work he did.

Tony was acting so professionally throughout the whole process. His selling strategy and marketing plan were well executed and the result certainly spoke for itself. We would love to recommend Tony to any new clients.





Before we worked with Tony XU, Our condo had been on the market for 2months dropping listing price multiple times without a single offer. It was a stressful situation as we bought a new place and needed the proceeds from the sale for down payment. Just like most desperate sellers, we always thought lowering asking price to incentivize an offer and go from there is the only way, until we met with Tony.

What sets Tony apart from most real estate agents we have met is his methodical and organized approach to things, and the result certainly spoke for it self-sold in two weeks at a fair price that we wouldn’t think is possible with the previous agent. As Tony said, there is always willing buyers, we just need to penetrate the market and reach them. Through his effective local advertisement distribution focusing on nearby neighborhood, and our condo was brought to the attention of many more relevant buyers which eventually brought us the deal we needed. I remember in our first meeting Tony mentioned, “I think your current listing price is fair. We just need to market it well.” And he did and he delivered.

All in all, my impression of Tony is professional, always reachable, and feel like a teammate working on the case standing by us. I would recommend this guy to my best friend and I am glad we chose him.





My husband and I had bad experience selling our condo townhouse with the previous agents. With ample time in researching which realty agent would do a good job, we finally decided to go for Tony XU.

When we interviewed Tony, he impressed us with attributes of diligence and experience in selling homes that were not successfully sold. He has been very frank and open from the start. He shared with us his marketing strategies and actively listened to our ideas with inputs of what we could do to improve our home show. The previous agents got less than 20 show appointments to our property in the period of 4 months. With Tony, there were over 28 families viewing our property in a week. It took only a couple of weeks, our condo townhome was sold then. This achievement has exceeded our expectation, as there were other similar condo townhomes listed for sale which was quite competitive.

Throughout the process, we found a good selling agent has the following traits:

  • Honesty, genuineness, and has respect to the sellers
  • Not over or under estimate your property, but very thorough in Comparative Market Analysis
  • Knowledgeable and experienced about your region especially when you sell your condo unit
  • Know the good and not so good of your home, your building and your neighbourhood
  • Not afraid of telling you the challenges and particulars in selling your home before you sign the Listing Agreement
  • Very responsive to your calls and e-mails
  • Know who the prospective buyers shall be
  • Know how to deliver your condo feature information to the prospective buyers
  • Keep you in the loop throughout the whole process

We felt stressed out with previous agents, but are very happy to have Tony Xu who sold our hard to sell condo townhouse in two weeks at the right price.

Jack YEUNG and Philomena LEE




Recently I sold my property in North York over asking price in two (2) days after I put it on the market with the assistance of my real estate agent, Tony Xu. Seeing Tony's advertisement on the billboard sign at the bus stop near Toronto District School Board, North York Centre, I called Tony for an interview with him. During the interview, I found that Tony is capable and well-organized real estate agent. I decided to retain him as my real estate agent, and consequently had such a good result.

My experience with Tony Xu proves that Tony is really a capable and active real estate agent who comes up with fruitful results with his excellent marketing strategy and informative materials he produces at his cost. I would definitely retain Tony Xu as my real estate agent again when I want to deal with another properly of mine any time. Also, I would like to recommend Tony Xu to many who want to buy or sell their properties because I have actually seen his capability, diligence and activeness in performing his business.

Tony is also a bright and sociable person, which is truly a great advantage over others competing in his field. I have had a good impression of him from the beginning of my interview with him throughout the final closing of the transaction.





Recently I sold my property in North York on the day of Christmas thanks to my real estate agent Tony Xu. Tony sold my property within days after it was listed. I was impressed by his marketing strategy and selling skills. It is truly a nice and unexpected Christmas gift. I really appreciate his effort as well as his excellent services.

My property was listed before by another agent who was not able to sell it for more than one year. I was disappointed and decided to find another agent who is more community specialised. While driving around in the neighbourhood, I saw Tony’s advertisement on the billboard sign at the bus stop near North York Civic Centre. After talking to him, I was impressed by his knowledge in the neighbourhood and decided to hire him as my agent to give another try on listing my property for sale. I am glad I made the decision. Tony delivered not only professionalism through the whole selling process but also a firm deal with price above asking.

I would be happy to recommend Tony to any new clients.





I wanted to take a moment to pass on appreciation from both my husband and myself for the services of Tony Xu in the sale of our house. He had a specific marketing plan and devoted considerable time and energy to helping us understand the process as this was our first home. We was very impressed with the services that Tony provided. His dynamic, straightforward personality was refreshing and encouraging while he guided us through the process of listing to successful sale. His honesty, suggestions, kindness and thoughtfulness were much appreciated.

Thank you for making this a wonderful experience for us!

Jeff & Karen




When we first met Tony was in March 2012, we realized that he was really different from the other real estate agents we have dealt with in the past. There was somehow "chemistry" between us, in terms of the confidence, experience, and enthusiasm we were looking for in a real estate agent. Tony took the time to learn about us and what we were looking for in our next home.

He was patient, very helpful and always provided reassurance and professionalism when dealing with us. Tony was always available and ready to provide the information we were looking for or in the event that he did not know it or didn't it have it, he always got back to us very promptly.

Your knowledge, real estate experience and personality make you a great agent! Thanks again!

Ping & Crystal